Monday, February 4, 2013


I seem to be getting tested. This temporary vessel that labelled itself 'Marianne' keeps to itself, mostly, except for an occasional occurence when it drives somewhere or meets someone.

yesterday it received a phone call from a distraught woman who is manifesting as a 70 yr old. She wants to save the world. She went on and on about her concerns, her weariness, her vocal retribution about 'fracking' in Michigan, her worries, her this and that.

This 'Marianne' just listened, but there was no one listening more than that. The test is this :Does this Marianne thing get hooked into the drama of the play?


It just sort of wanders through it. It is like living on another planet with this kind of test.

Part of this 'Marianne' thing wanted to tell the woman "This is not real." But it didn't , because she needs it to be 'real' now. This is her journey. None of my business.

The world is already perfect, Marianne wanted to tell her.

marianne kept still.

It is like living on a planet where everyone thinks the earth is flat and you know it is round.

The test also came when the grandchild decided not to manifest.

Only for a day did 'Marianne' grieve.because I knew the baby is fine. The grief was 'Marianne's' expectations.

The tests seem to suggest that 'Marianne' is becoming tinier and tinier until she is like a dandelion head blowing away and there is one little seed left.

The tests come and I am always surprised that the 'Marianne' does not hook into the drama of the play.


  1. Hello, how are you? I had four followers, yourself one of them. One was just blocked. Another I didn't have the heart to but she's not really my cup of tea. A third is the only one I got to know. You are the mystery.

    I couldn't see any of ye until recently. I was on an obsolete comp and simply kept suffering with it.

    Maybe you signed on and forgot about my blog and are thinking who's this or oh my, I remember that bloke.

    Anyway, take care and peace.