Sunday, February 10, 2013

in the morning

This play has become boring. "I" stay as a presence merely to accomodate my other 2 'sons' who share this journey as fellow souls along this pathway. Joey asked me to. And so, this puppet continues the play.

Sleeping a lot in this dream. 12 hours of linear time spent in sleep as a sluggish puppet, but, then , look at the dogs. They sleep, so shall this puppet.

Mornings, that part of the play, waking into this dream once again and dreading it. Walking the puppet outside to take the dogs out, when

this morning the voice inside like a wind said " SEE. THE. GOD. IN. EVERYTHING. IT RUNS THROUGH EVERYTHING."

 and i looked at the snow through these puppet eyes, and the twigs and branches sticking out of the ground, and watched the crows caw through the grey sky and saw it all like a stopped. postcard. a stopped. picture. but underneath was flowing a force .

look underneath this shallow picture, there is a force.

look behind the puppet. focus on the force behind the puppet and the props.

and see .

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