Thursday, May 23, 2013

So, My son in the 3 dimensional place is headed out on his own

after staying here with me for a year, he has come to a place within himself that has transcended, and needs to fly. This lesson is me again, holding on to air, accepting his adventure, and staying in that place of peace that Joey knows so well.

Mike is fine. He will have fun. Let him go, Marianne.

The ego balks with post traumatic drama. It thinks it is the body and wants to keep Mike's body here and protect him (from what?)...I sit in it and recognize the distress of the ego's fears and let them pass.

Trying to grasp at shadows and air, the ego is so full of shit. The conditioned mind.

Mike must fly and I watch him almost chirping as he readies himself for his new chapter.

and then remembering that the past present future are all in the same place. So we are all being born all dying all experiencing every moment of this dream at the same time.

Tap into that place, Marianne, the one that does not change. The Self with No Name. The One where Joey and Bob watch this play with amusement.

Tap in deeply, dear.

I love you Mike. Have a great adventure full of Joy.

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