Tuesday, June 18, 2013

meditations and recoil

The other day in meditation, I was shown myself in many aspects. First, I saw a painfilled , grieving woman at the bottom of a shaft of yellowish white light. Yeah I recognized THAT one...around her were dancing lights of many colours..I knew they (Joey , Bob, everyone) were around that symbol with Joy to keep her safe....but then the grieving woman disappeared..she began to travel up the shaft..the light was bigger..

and she changed...into a pair of hands holding, with gentleness, a beautiful ball of white light....it was glowing, and being held very kindly as it went up, up...

and then the hands changed into a weaved basket...a little basket holding a baby....and I saw the baby so happy sitting in the basket, so happy. holding onto it as tho it was taking a balloon ride into the light...and as it went up, up...

it changed again..as the light reached the top of the shaft of itself, there was a lovely, compassionate women, angel, being, looking down at it all with so much love on it's face, as tho it was celebrating and accepting it all as it's own..
and i knew i was all that...connected as one, being shown not to disassociate from any of them. they are all that.


as I lay in meditation the other day I felt myself dreaming yet again..because the question is always...this is a dream...and i felt myself lying in the ground as tho I had been buried, and there was a kind hand above me, it spoke to me as tho attached to a person above me as I lay there and it said "You can continue dreaming this, or not, but remember you are never alone and are just dreaming...you can wake up anytime you want, we are always here..."

The other part of the meditation was to show me a picture of a green island floating in a sea of purple..it was like a painting..the purple sea/sky was behind it...but the island was lush..green..and inside of it was a little buddha figure in a seed..a pod of light...in a peaceful silence...in the ground....just floating inside the island, which was floating in the purple sky...they also said to me' you can paint this if you want'..

then they showed me a hand, a left hand...it had a little bunch of sand in the palm of the hand..it was white sand....and suddenly, the sand became white light..and it emanated out of the hand's palm....

slowly they heal my duality thinking, fears, and desires...slowly they fade..........


I am noticing i cannot interact with anyone anymore. It is as tho I cannot relate to what it being said. falling into trust with the arms of them, of the source, yes...but the people who I meet within the context of this illusion i cannot be around now, if they appear i see the energy behind their words, not their words.

i hear them so easily make statements about this and that but it is like they are speaking another language..i cannot relate if they take this play seriously. I listen and hear nothing unless i listen to the energy. then i hear the real words.

if i read the words of someone who is called a sage, i can only relate to them if they have had their own child transition out of their bodies. Otherwise I do not trust their words.

I can only relate to near death experiencers, also, to some degree.

again, to trust those who will be sent, either in manifest 'form'  and know those not in manifest form are always here with the apparition of the 'grieving woman'.

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