Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Joey to Pablo

I went to the movies this afternoon, and got so early that I decided to go to F12 while I waited. I "decided" to ask whether there was any message to you. This presence I identified as Joe (never saw clearly a face, but when I guessed who he was he didn't disagree) came. First I saw flying saucers - I don't know what they mean, but I hope they mean something to you. Then I asked whether there wasn't anything more specific, in words, and he said - ok, there is one word - the word will be in the movie you'll see. I asked how the hell would I know which specific word, and whether it could be a phrase, or a sentence. He just said "no, it's one word, and you'll know it". I said I felt his presence to be so happy, and he said I should tell you that, that he's very happy. 

Then I came back to C1 and went to see the movie ("Silver Linings Playbook"). In the first scene there was a word written on the wall, so I guessed this should be my (your) word, and, in fact, they keep saying this word in almost every damn scene, it's the main character's motto. It was that obvious after all! The word is Excelsior, which is the Latin for "higher", but it seems it's used in US with the sense of "ever upward". In the movie, the guy was in a deep bipolar crisis, and this was his motto to keep a positive attitude no matter what. I hope this all makes sense to you. 

Pablo's vision.

that very day I went to google and looked up the word Excelsior. I clicked on images. Spaceships. all over the page.

Neither Pablo or I knew that.

Joey knew I would look that up.

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