Tuesday, August 13, 2013


last night i dreamed i was being loved...as i fell asleep inside THIS dream i asked for them to come and help me , as i am annoyed with self appointed gurus and teachers and their opinions. I asked for them to come, the ones who Joey understands, and they showed me

a crazy wild woman and a beautiful one...and a man was in the dream who looked like Kevin Spacey...why do the symbols come as these guys I do not know..its silly

but the man had to choose the wild woman or the beautiful quiet one..

he chose to love the wild woman.

i was so pleased.

i was deeply appreciated in the dream and wholly loved. I liked the feeling and did not want to wake into this one.

i stayed in it as long as possible, but here i am again in this limited space of consciousness pretending to be a body.

so tired of it. soon,  soon. soon.

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