Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Universe begins to purge....

with the best of intentions , I asked the Light (call it whatever you want), to help me, as I do every second, especially before bed, to help me help me sleep and please purge the drama and old bullshit from my 'life' in this place.

sooooo...........the Universe threw out my biological sister.

good move, actually.

Now, I am not at all angry with her, it was a great source of amusement at this point to see her create yet another drama...but she stepped over the line, and I had to slap her away like a gnat.

Bye, sister.Love you, but I love marianne most of all.

when we are no longer in this ridiculous play, we will shake hands and thank each other for the roles we played. In the meantime, bye.

Luckily my biological brother has such a magnificent sense of humour that he had me laughing all morning at the whole thing. Thank God for him.

Joey, when is it my turn..awww, come on.....I am so tired of this scenery, the costumes. I don't have any lines anymore. I have to fake it all the time. I get tired of faking for people so I avoid them.

Come on you guys! I can sit in F27 for days and I still can't dump this thing.


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