Monday, April 1, 2013

to my children and friends

I write this to assure you that I know I will never die. My sons, you seem so afraid of that, and I promise you faithfully down to every fibre of my be-ing, that there is no death. You check on me as though I were some precious glass bowl, about to shatter. I have already shattered, and there is no bowl, I am the very air you breathe when I die, and I know I am already gone, but you still see my body , which is merely a teeny bit of me imagining myself into a glass bowl. I never died, was never born. I just am. The person you called Mom was a fellow traveler on a journey with you and she is very much alive all the time. You got caught up in the image I was projecting as 'Marianne' and 'Mom' but she was just a temporary image. I know you think you will miss her. Its okay if you do , but believe me, she never left.

Listen to me, listen to me while I speak now. There is something so great running this whole 'show'. It tells me, while I am using this image, to laugh. It tells me, while I am using this image, not to worry. It tells me, while I sit here in this image, that there is no death, that everyone you see wearing their 'images' are all part of the same thing, something magnificent and full of happiness. Do not regret, do not have guilt, do not fight against the ocean that you are. All of us will drop these images of ourselves, and do not have fear. Fear is being afraid of that magnificent ocean of Love that we all are.

I am still going to be the mom you know, but I will be the most powerful essence of what you 'remember' the image as. I sometimes feel her in meditation and she is every good thing I ever was. Remember when I played a clown and danced and acted silly? She (me) is still that and more. I know this now. All of the crazy things you remember Mom doing was and is the essence of the Mom that continues ..I am a tiny part of that essence of my magnificence while being in this image called a 'body'.

I chose every moment of this show. Always remember I chose it all. I chose to have all of you come here and be my sons for a while. I chose to be a mom, it is part of my essence, to protect and love the innocent. I also chose to learn many things. To learn this was a little play we are all experiencing. To learn I am a part of something so much larger than this place.

There is no separation between us and never will be. We are all in the same place at the same time. Your body is not who you are, totally. It is a projection , like the image on a camera. YOU are the camera, the real YOU is just thinking yourself up. Its pretty glorious!! You can relax, now . You can just ride through this whole thing like a little kid on a scooter and let the wind carry you along, because you, too, will not die. Your bodies may get old (don't worry, it is fun) but they are just teeny weeny itty bitty parts of a bigger YOU that runs the show. That bigger YOU is attached to everything, IS everything. You will still be Mike and Bobby, you will still be the best of the Mike and Bobby I know.

Both of you have hearts so big and loving. Both of you are such gentle souls!! That is who you are, those huge gentle loving souls shining through those bodies I see. I see it so clearly.

You can stop worrying, you are already going to be fine. Nothing can hurt you, no one can harm you. Not the real YOU that runs this show. That is the YOU that is attached to me, and Joey and Daddy and everyone in the light. NO one can hurt you, nothing can harm who you really are.

I wish I could show you how beautiful you both look to me when I see you.

Remember, everything is perfect. Everyone is perfect. You are perfect. Relax. Don't be afraid of anything, do not be afraid when my body is no longer being used. I will still be here. I already know that. Joey and Dad are here.

There are so many dimensions going on around you, its amazing. You are just blinded sometimes by that little image called a body. It filters out what we are all taught to filter out. Mom found a way to pop the cork on that filter. Mom can hook up now,even using this body, to undo the filter. If you want to hook up , listen to me in your dreams (the good ones of me are real!) and also meditate. Throw OUT your thoughts and let the GOOD stuff come in. Thoughts and worry only get in the way.

watch for that feed into one another..evolve and show you the whys of why they are happening. Try not to judge ANY occurrence as 'good' or 'bad'....just let them be............

When your brother Joey decided it was his time to stop imagining himself using a body, is when I knew I couldn't commit suicide by stopping my own body.....because of the two of you I had to continue using the imaginary body I have...but guess what..I DID commit suicide....while still using this imaginary body..I made it die ! I saw it for what it really is, and THAT is what killed it. Now I use it like an old coat . I don't need it at all, but I just use it until it wears out. I KNOW it is not who I really am.

I had to dump it, my sons, because I needed to know how your brother was. So, you still see it now, but you think 'oh no, she will go away if she drops her body!'

Not true! I will be bigger than EVER when I drop my body. I will still BE!

We do not die, Bobby and Mike, we always are and always will be. we go home. You can look down at your own bodies and say 'Oh they are just temporary apparitions I am having of myself!'......really!!

It is freedom. It means you are never old , it means you are always free and this little small teeny blip of 'time' is all this is, a blip.


always always know that. and stop worrying.

Love Mom

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