Sunday, January 13, 2013

As I was dying today

as I was dying this morning as I listened to the second from last of the Monroe Going Home tapes,  I felt a sudden shift in this place and felt myself in a tunnel filled with stars my old star field friend but this time whirling thru it and everytime I started to whirl thru it the only thought that kept me going was the feeling of love for Joey it made it go faster

and when I started to think about anything else I would go bacwards, back. but when I started thinking of the Love I had for Joey I went forward and then

all black. a void. the deepest ever. a blackness so black and a quiet so quiet/

and the ego said 'You cannot go here'

and I said
shut up, my son went here, I will go here.

and then the Cd stopped.

I sat in a place of peace with that all day and tried to recreate it with the same CD but I could not because it wasnt meant to be a second time, you cannot recreate the experience because you want to, thats something desire says, so I accepted the next meditation. Nonetheless it has never been this far in.


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