Monday, January 21, 2013

the baby

Went inside today to check on the new baby that is now going to be a grandchild of mine in this 'here' consciousness..sometimes I go in 'looking' and then when I do not look I get it.

A little girl with blondish curly hair with her brother holding her arm. She was wearing a dress of white and blue and laughing.

I had the vision in 2007 of the spirit boy (little Andy) and girl holding hands. I do not know what to make of any of this, so I wont make anything of it.

I saw nothing but shadows when I went in, when I asked the baby to let me see through it's eyes. I surrounded it with light, the uterus and the light was all around. I surrounded the whole earth with the same light.

I felt no issue to concern myself with. Saw again a pair of lovers, saw embrace. Dont know what that means.

Started towards a door.

Saw a membrane of sorts. Red. Started to analyze it and it disappeared.

Stop analyzing.

Whatever will be will just arise.

Lighten up.

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