Saturday, January 5, 2013

When Shakti kicks Shiva

Still refuse to participate.What a stupid paradox. By not participating, it is still a participation.

Can't get out of it.

Nonetheless, this morning in this play the battery died on the illusory car that is being imagined in the illusory driveway.

Called the tow truck repair to come and charge the battery. accept it as part of the play.

no big deal. the battery died. it was supposed to die for some reason.

The truck shows up and a man gets out. He recognizes me, and I see he is one of the children who used to come to my house when my own children were young.

He asks 'me' how the battery died, after 'I' give him a hug.

I tell him that my son probably accidentally left the door open when he used the car last night and the light was left on.

He smiles and asks me if it was Joey who drove the car.

I tell him what happened to Joey.  He didn't know. He had played with Joey as a child.

Why do I have to tell this to someone who did not know.

I assure him that Joey is fine and just not using his body anymore.

He seems perplexed.

My car is working now.

Why? all this today.

do not know why.

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