Friday, January 18, 2013

obituary just for the heck of it

My dearest ones:

Please be aware that I did not die. Please be aware that there is no death. Yes, I always Am. I still Am. You are merely grieving the temporary vessel of manifestation you called 'Marianne'. That was a costume, and it was only used for a temporary period. It is perfectly alright to grieve it, if you must, but you are grieving a coat I wore.

I understand you may have been taught differently, and therefore feel the need to grieve. I honour that need, but announce once again to you that I did not die, and neither will you.

I assure you  I always Am, and always have been, and always will Be.

To my sons who still manifest as bodies: please know I am always with you and I am also in celebration now as I have fully returned Home to where we all come from. I am in the Light and so are you, but your beliefs and bodies may keep you in limitation as to this. You are aware that I tried very hard in meditation to access that, to understand, while using my body, to fully be aware of the Love that your brother Joey and your father are in. I knew the body was a temporary manifestation, and was in preparation. That is all. I had to learn to 'die' so I could actually let the body 'die'. Remember, no one is just their 'body'.

This place was just a passing through for a little while.

I love you always. There is NO separation between us, even though you may think this. Do not believe there is separation. There is not. Just because you cannot see my body does not mean I am gone. Do NOT believe that nonsense.

Close your eyes and listen to your heart and your love for me, and I will always be with you.

Regret nothing. ! Always celebrate our short journey as we chose each other to be mother and sons even before we became 'bodies' in this place. We chose it for a reason.

Follow your hearts! Follow what you love the most! Follow the bliss that makes you happy!

Have no fear. When fear arises it is always false. It is bullshit! There is nothing but laughter and love and JOY that runs the whole show here. Remember that you are never alone, and are always with me and dad and Joey.  ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ARE ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY OUR LOVE.

I always am and you always are. The 'earth' play we were in is just a temporary play for a wee bit. Don't take it seriously.

I will be there when it is your time to make the journey home. I promise. I am with you now.

I love you to infinity and beyond and you know that. When you feel that, it is me.

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