Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The art never lies does it. so this play this form called marianne has been doing this since it was a little child. even at 19 yrs old painting the walls of the bedroom with reclining goddesses and especially why did i paint a tombstone with the words 'Life is a Jest and all things show it, I thought so once and now I know it.'

and the woman I knew who warned me in theater school not to question the fabric of the universe or i would go insane. silly girl.

painting Kali as with all the paintings starts with the essence of the energy to incarnate her she has to be solid but moving she is firm but slashing she stands on my corpse with monstrous strength but she is pregnant with possibilities she is laughing maniacally because it is necessary for her to do her work to allow the light to break in and for the form to recycle

the abstract portion of her first then on to the detail and the first time 6 arms must be solidified onto a body but they must all be in motion with the task of slashing away all that which must be destroyed

just have fun doing this, marianne self, she is having fun cutting you to  pieces at warp  speed

i want to hear thunder come from the painting

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