Tuesday, January 8, 2013

there are no rules

Diving in

someone asked me on the ACISTE forum if I had the discipline to meditate and demand 'show me' for 30 minutes a day.

try hours.

when one's child leaves the residence of their body, you dive in after them, while still inhabiting the body. you do not half dive or maybe dive or touch the water with your toes.

you fucking dive to the deepest possible place

and it gets deeper and deeper the more you dive

starting to feel the body turning into waves these past few sessions. hands starting to lift off.

saw my own face looking at my own face

waiting for the new CDs to arrive from monroe. got to dive in deeper. water is too shallow at f12 f15 now.

dont follow anyone elses path just start a new one through the bramble that no one believes you can get through.

deep jungle i dreamed of in 1984 in south haven as i cut my way through the jungle looking for the answer to what love was?

yeah now i know what that dream meant.

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