Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a person who sees with their heart.

(corrections Donna Hebert) 
All thoughts are hidden desires

I feel you
like a feather in the wind
but so strong
wonder how it is possible?
because there is something in you, beyond your flesh
beyond the bones
or blood
stronger than time, more durable than the sea
but especially which never lets you down
when all else fails 
the message that you are strong
often comes as a whisper,
sometimes in the form of a silent song
from the heart
it is the voice that most people omite it
the primordial song out of which you sprang 
crystalline chute to the world

your voice of being
words as rare and authentic as pure water

no monster in any world can touch you
thus felt when since you were a child  
right now you forget
it is the correct confidence
in the unknown
of course it appears insane

a single speck of dust in the eye makes the mountain invisible

What the hell happened?
We somehow alienated ourselves in time?
Why are we hating so much?
hurting us each other for no reason
so hard that we bleed to the hilt core
however that little voice kept whispering mysteriously
soft, slow and steady
and when we developed good ears to hear,
I heard her
suddenly again
it was there  
sang the world into being
whispered spring of gifts
in silence
immensely valuable

we are not alone, you're not alone
the ocean is near you, with you, in you
if you are silent enough, you can hear the roaring wave
as it eats the rocks
they seem so big
one almost see how the stones are withdrawn
together with backflow

I see you happy again
as a child


Mihai George Corui

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