Saturday, December 15, 2012

We cannot save our children

Yesterday, in linear time, many children left their bodies behind and went home. A man, also a child to me, who was 20 years old, shot the children in their classroom.
My initial response, from the ego-conditioned self, was to drive to Chicago and hug my grandson, who is 5 years old.

But, then, I woke up.

I watched the anger, the anger, the anger,, unfold as people started to scream in anguish. I watched the fear, disguised as anger, as the word DEATH slapped everyone right in the face.


NO control. None. No one could protect these children from DEATH.

I watched the mothers and fathers screaming as they imagined it happening to their own children.

I watched the news portray it as a tragedy, a horror, the innocents had been slaughtered.

How would I respond to this? What could I do?

I know exactly what the parents are experiencing. Exactly.

Now, what could I do?


I could, however, go inside. That was the only place I could go to understand.

I could lay down, and leave this perspective of anger, and fear, and horror being projected , and send only love.
Love to the parents of these children, Love to the fears they had, Love to the anguish I knew they were in.

I could do no more.

I lay down and went in.

I felt my 'self' slipping down inside, into a wave of Love, and it emanated outward to every mother and father..

I felt tears as I knew their feelings now, I felt them well up as I understood the insanity they were in.

But, as I meditated, suddenly a picture of the children came into my field of inner vision..

There they were, all those beautiful children, walking hand in hand , smiling, at peace, laughing..

and standing in between all of them, holding their hands as they walked through a sunlit field, as they passed a row of beautiful trees..

was the man who shot them.

He was like one of them, a smile emanating also from his face, all of them at peace, as the children and him together guided each other through the meadow...

I lay there..and allowed...

so they are all in this perspective, all of them, no anger, no fear, no judgement, just unconditional love, together as perfect.

Immediately after that vision came, a man appeared in a dark room.

I usually prefer a darkened meditation, and sometimes become annoyed at any light that comes into the 3 dimensional room when I am deep in that place.

Oddly enough, this darkness was a room with a man in it, a little aboriginal wrinkled old man, with a cigarette in his mouth.

His very essence was..'all right! you finally got it!' he looked at me with a grin and I swear he only had a few teeth.

He was grinning as tho he had just pulled a joke on me, as tho he was pleased as punch that I finally got tho the whole thing finally got thru to me..

he walked over to a literal light switch in the vision, and flipped the switch..

Tada!! Light FILLED my vision..a white light of peace. I lay there, letting it fill up my whole field of sight...

the message? You finally get it.

No one dies, there are no accidents in the universe, all of these children are fine and with the man who shot them. he is also one of the children.

They are all in joy, they are all okay. They finished their work here, as bodies, but no one died.
No one dies.

I called my friend Ellyn and told her of this. I could not really tell anyone else. I did not want to be burned at the stake.

I realized that all the anger, and fear out there, was necessary, and people were facing the fear of their own children's

I did not need to tell them their children will never die, they will find that out on their own.

If they need to be angry and fearful and try to make sense of it all now, so be it.

Good luck! I cannot use my egoself anymore to make 'sense' of anything. it just goes around in circles. It is insanity.

The children were done using those bodies. The parents are in this conditioned world of fear and their journeys will now occur. I embrace them with love, as I know this road very well.

But I also know, for myself, that this is no accident, there are no accidents. Everything is perfect in it's timing in the Whole Picture. And my little ego self has no control over the outcome of my children, or anyone else.

Nonetheless, I did call to check on that little one in Chicago I call my grandson.

and remind him that I love him.

Because with all that fear and anger out there, I wanted him to know he is much loved.

and we are all safe and loved.

and none of us die.

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