Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The blind leading the blind

As this body was dreaming itself to sleep, an image of the whole world as an earth came, and from a birds eye view there were people down there, walking around, stumbling, tapping their imaginary canes into the pavement and soil beneath them, some of them smiling, some starving, some watching television, some making love, some dancing, some lying in sadness , so many plays going on and so many props around them. I saw them all with dark glasses on, falling down, getting back up, trying to understand, making their way through the play, imagining, hoping, wishing, trying to see.

I felt empathy as I watched it all, everyone trying to find their way home.

One incarnates , to experience, a near death experiencer informed me. I suppose I should trust that. I mean, she left the play.

The empty canvas of Love wants to paint a picture of itself as an earth full of wandering wondering people?

Is it bored?

A few weeks ago in linear time, a friend called me and I told her about the experiences I had  encountered in meditation.

She asked me if I could contact her mother for her.

Whoa. I am new at this, I told her. You can contact your mother. I can show you some things I learned.

Nonetheless, I went inside. I asked what I always ask.

"Joey, help me to understand the Love you are experiencing. I accept  whatever comes. as an aside, if My Friend's mother has anything to say, let me know..."

I figured, why not.

Indeed, as I was entering F12, 3 mirrors popped into view. Covered with tinsel, a goldish green, sparkling.  They hung on a wall, and that was the first vision.

Then I receieved another. I 'saw' my friend on a horse. She was in riding gear and looked very queenly. Magnificent, actually. The eye that saw her was from the saddle, from the horse's eye looking up at her.

I then saw a large cliff, with snow covering it.

Then, a head of a horse, a dark black brown horse moving so fast it was a blur. Words showed up on the vision screen..

"Fly Like the Wind!! Fly Like the Wind!! Fly like the WIND!"

Didn't know what to think of all this.

I called my friend, and told her what I saw.

She informed me that she does , indeed, have 3 mirrors covered in tinsel in her foyer. Under the mirrors are a picture of her parents.

(I have never seen this in her house.)

She is a horsewoman, has horses, and is in love with the essence of horse energy.

I am a bit amazed that the vision I had was reconfirmed by her. It is up to her to decipher it.

I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg.

At least I got out of bed. I am supposed to play a role as a grandmother. I suppose I chose this whole play, but I have no idea why.

I am still so blind.

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