Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Some people, if they choose to look back at a linear time period of their entire experience in this dimension, can see a series of events that lead to another series of events , etc etc etc...that fall into place like smooth dominoes and they finally recognize that every moment was perfect,like a dance, in synchronization, as gentle as a flower unfolding to catch the midafternoon sun.

My experiences as a very young woman (again, in linear time) led me to one job where I was the person who took 'corpses' to the morgue. After cleaning them up. So, I can see that I was already being 'prepared' for knowing what the 'death' of a body looked like.

At that time, I saw Elisabeth Kubler Ross speaking onstage. I did not have a clue to what she was talking about, I was merely 21. I did, however, remember her name.

After my husband Bob left his body here, I was graced with not only a 'grief therapist' who was THE perfect person to manage me through my confusion, but I discovered Dr. Raymond Moody and his book Life After Life. ah, ha. Now I knew where I had heard Dr Kubler Ross's name.

I decided to visit him in his home in the early 1990's , and I did. I met with him in his office, and he and I spoke for hours about death and not death..He knew I was young, and did not understand much, but he made a tape for me to take home, and put me at much ease.

Little did I know I would meet him later on, in 2011, and he would actually remember me.

The many many many NDE accounts I had been reading online and watching on youtube were very calming for me, to read soo many people reaffirming that LOVE that exists when they left their bodies behind..I was clinging now to their stories like a child down a deep well, and it was a rope for me to slowly climb out of that damnable well, just to hear their stories.

I was still pissed, and wanted my own NDE..just to know how my son was doing. My only solace, at the time, was that EVENTUALLY that would occur, as I was 'ageing' in linear time, fast.

That was a solace. That I WOULD get out of here.

In this illusory western society, one responds to another , when it comes to 'death', as tho a deep tragedy has occurred. Ohhhhh noooo!!! the remarkers remark. Oh NOOO!!! How awful!!! says everyone who thinks they are only their bodies.

Well, no judgement here, it is just conditioning. The conditioning is :You are only your body. Without it, there is no you.

Probably, the worst thing, ever, taught, to, anyone, ever.

Nonetheless, it was the initial response I not only said to myself, but accepted what others said to me when they freaked out about my son.

Not so,as I was soon to find out, at the International Association of Near Death Studies.

Oh, no.  I found out...you get a different response.

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