Monday, December 17, 2012


I realized this morning, as I went inside..because the other place of perception is too loud, too thick, too noisy right now..that I have no idea what Bliss is.

Nor do I seem to actually know what Love is.

Not from this perspective.

I was shown a VISION of Love, indeed, I saw the shooter with the children as they walked hand in hand into the light .
I have a VISION of Love, when I realized I could not hate the young man who brought the drugs to share with my son that night. And I had to put my hand, to my heart, and just allow.

I have no idea what Love is, tho. I have no clue.

My only desire, and perhaps that is a problem here to know what Love my son is in..with that understanding, everything will make sense, and I realize that.

Bliss? Follow Your Bliss! people say so easily. But my bliss was to watch my sons grow up in their bodies and become young men and have children and...

Maybe bliss changes. I do not know. I cannot, at this moment, think of one thing that makes me swoon into a state of bliss except the thought of my son Joey (and Mike, and Bobby) all BEING in Bliss.

That is where my Bliss is. and yet, I still do not know what that Bliss is....or that Love. Are they the same thing? Is Bliss merely unconditional Love? am I asking too many questions?

The words that came to me the other day were 'You will be given the unfolding slowly, too much and you might faint..' and laughter.

So, I am laughing but I would rather go mad from the Bliss of Unconditional Love then sit here and contemplate it in 3 dimensions.

I went inside today and asked. What. Is. My . Bliss.

and I fell asleep.

So, perhaps it is to nap?????

I am tired of wondering what Bliss is. Or Love.

The only soothing remembrance is that I WILL know. whenever.


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