Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Watching Marianne disappear

I had already been working quite a bit on killing off 'Marianne.' For a long long time, in linear time, she was dissolving as a reality.

For some people, it happens slowly..they recognize they have aged and that there is an 'end' to their body...they either freak out, or decide they will dig a little farther, dig inside themselves, and ask questions..

What Am I, if I am Not My Body.

Religion, for me, never had any answers. It placed the concept of 'God' out there, in some faraway place where it was untouchable. It was always a projection of an old angry male, sitting on a cloud with a scowl. OR, it was a nice man with a beard, his son, a very welcoming presence.

And I see how difficult it would be for anyone, with these concepts out there, to feel particularly comfortable when one is angry, the other kind. Which one do you access?

I dumped both of those biblical concepts years ago, again, in linear time, because they
did not work.

What was this 'God' idea anyway? who/what/where/

I have heard the near death experiencer's version of 'God'...it is outstanding, so far removed from the constricted boxed versions I had learned.

It had NO anger. NO judgement. NO condemnation. It was an all loving presence, a presence

that I belonged to.

Suddenly, someone said.."But we are all God, the Light, we are God before we label ourselves."

That hit me like a mountain crashing over me.

I am not Marianne, I am not my history , I am none of the labels so insistently thrust upon me.

I am God, and this is a play, and I am wearing one silly ass costume.

The props, I create, the scenery, I create. the labels, I create.

I created them and am creating many of them in many dimensions.

How many 'me's are out there experiencing every dimension?

I find it amusing that infinity must be just loaded with 'Me's' out there .

Many of the NDEers spoke to me of a 'light greater than a million suns..did not hurt their eyes'

and a love beyond their words.

So, I am not only This Beautiful Light, I am also Unconditionally Loving...

As is everyone.

Only, so many think they are their bodies.

The concept of a holographic universe, the idea that everything is a hologram projected from the 'observer's' perspective, is one that is being touted by many a theoretical physicist.

I look at the shadow of my body on a wall, and realize that I am as solid as that shadow.
My body is a projection from the mind of me, as God.

I am making a movie.

I wrote the script.

God is not out there, watching, I am God out there watching.
Everyone is God watching themselves.

God is too small a word, says Dr Eben Alexander, to describe it.

So, I am God watching this projection called Marianne having a wee bit of a play that has already been written and the cast and characters are in play.

Joey played my son, I played the mother. He is no longer in the play using the prop of his body, but Joey is the expanded true realization of Joey now.

I just have not woken up yet.

The waking up is occurring............

and Marianne Brown is "poof" . disappearing.


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