Sunday, December 16, 2012

The children come again

The anguish I saw of the people online over the 'tragedy' of the children who were shot was still very much on the 'minds' of people. Also, my own ego mind, despite having had a vision of the children, a vision of  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  as the children walked hand in hand with the shooter....(I always ask Joey to let me KNOW what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FEELS LIKE,  when I go inside...) but instead I recieved a picture to see WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

Nonetheless, even a small vapour of my ego was still there, wondering whether the children had suffered,or been in fear....I still had that in 'me', knowing full well they were all okay now.

I went inside again, and merely asked Joey, as I always do, to give me what I needed, and to accept whatever he sends, because even tho I really really want to FEEL in my heart the LOVE he is in, I must accept what comes in these journeys.

Well, the children came again!!

They were at a playground, playing. A playground located on a beach. With beautiful water, a row of trees behind them. All of them playing, and they showed me some things.
One, they were having fun.

Then they showed me something else. They said "We will show you what we would have looked like as adults, had we chosen to become adults."

Suddenly, behind each child, I saw an adult emerge..behind one boy was a man, with a suit and tie, behind a little girl was a woman, in a dress..each one showed me...and then..slowly, the adult versions of themselves dissolved away..

They sent me the message that had they been adults, people would not be so upset . But they were already whole souls.

Amazingly, a small and lively little girl who was at the front of the vision, with piercing blue eyes, and blond yellow hair, who was rolling around in the sand , wearing a pink coat, was very vocal to me.

"We are FINE! she laughed, a bit perturbed at me showing up! "Go on, now, we are having FUN!"

she was beaming with the light of a happy child.

The last part of the vision was a little boy. he sat with his back turned to me, he was sitting on a desk. I could not see his face. He was staring at a set of children's lockers in a school.

His message to me was : we did not know. we did not suffer.

I came out of the vision with peace.

But then.

Today I woke up into this place and turned on my computer. I went to the news channel, CBS, and I looked at the front page.

There, staring at me, with blue eyes, and blonde hair, was a picture of the little girl who I had seen in the meditation.

This picture had just been posted this morning. But, I knew it was her.

And I listened to her father describe her, through tears.

I listened as he spoke of her as beaming, sweet, kind, and a leader.

I suddenly realized I had already met her the day before and the whole Universe was validating my whole experience.

I could hear the laughter of the Universe as it spoke to me.

'Now you cannot deny THIS detail.' because, there is still a part of my ego that questions.

But I was also told by Joey and all of them...
We cannot show you everything right now...we will unfold it slowly..if we showed it all to you, you would faint!...and I heard laughter..

I am still somewhat in shock from this morning.

add:  I asked Joey, on the day I heard about the shooting, to please play with the children.
The next day I spoke on the telephone with my near death experiencer friend Ellyn Dye, and she said to me "Hey! I saw Joey playing with the children in a vision!"

I had not told her I asked him to.

Validation. It is in the details.

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