Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saudade and Cafune'

I want to write these words very carefully. Tenderly. They were spoken to me and I am beginning to understand something. There is something here I cannot quite put my finger on. A something about Agape. a something about Agape. this Love so spoken of, this thing of Agape, mouth open, open, open open open heart open

The reflection seen in the eyes of one and another and another and another as is seen so deep, the I See You behind the garments, The I See You behind it all. You are Me, We are all We, there is a place of seeing. It has no words. But these 2 words made so much sense together. I see the Saudade being screamed from the hearts of so many and the need for the other,,, Cafune'. I see more.

I see the hunger. Do you see me? Do you see me? Do you see the heart beating like a hummingbird the light shining from the magnificent One as I stand before you? Do you see I am Love and made of Love and Come from Love?

and I watch the slow moving people all of them, wishing wishing wishing longing longing longing to be seen.

I am falling in Love with this which I still do not understand. It merely need be reflected back to me, and I can relax. It is a Love that has no name, but it is too hard to speak of it. Something about sight, sight that has no eyes, but can see very clearly. What is going on here, I do not know.

every concept of love that was taught to me is now lying in a dusty pile of old rags.

There is something opening up here. I better keep my mouth shut and let it unfold.

something is going on and I am just barely understanding it.

Agape , Saudade the longing to be seen. to be One.

Close your eyes Marianne. shhhh. quiet.

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