Friday, December 21, 2012

Dec 21 2012

I put not a lot of weight to any particular day in linear time, but honour those who wish to. If, however, my fellow soul sojourners in this experience have decided that today of all days is a day to celebrate their shift of consciousness, I might as well get in on the action and wish them well and smile as we all traipse around in this illusion.

Since I know I am not an I  but am only pretending to be an I, it is a moot point to concern myself with having left or arrived at any particular place in this teeny weeny dimension anyway.

I was considering the concept of Love , and my lack of understanding exactly what Love really is,  for a while now. That seems to be the sticking point as I journey through inability to understand what Unconditional Love is. It is THAT which I long for, but that brings up Desire, and Desire is always an encumbrance and an ego of a little girl screaming for her mommy in the corner.

So, I have to sit still and just allow the unfolding and trust it will unfold.

I have been considering the events of the past month, in linear time, when all of those children left their bodies  and were shot. and the reaction to that, and other 'atrocities' that are mentioned on the news. Whenever dogs, cats, kittens, non human animals of any kind, or children are concerned, the outrage of the collective mass is palpable. People are so angry, so so so angry and they do not know how to react except with outrage and anger.

I wondered..what was killed that angers them so much?

God. God was killed. The one thing in this dimension that so exemplifies complete Godlike Unconditional Love was killed. The innocent. The children. The huge trusting eyes of the children. The dogs, the cats, the little ones. They are standing there looking straight into the hearts of weary adults and saying .."I represent the innocence and the beauty you are, I am the Eternal Representation of God, and that which is Trusting and Innocent Love with no conditions.."

To kill that representation is a murder so many have felt already as they grow into adulthood, is something they cannot bear. It only reminds people of that LOVE they have forgotten, their own trusting innocence that was conditioned out of them as they reached a certain age and started believing in other concepts of God.

But deep down, the one that they started with, the wide eyed innocent, the one that looks at you and does not harm you but counts on you to protect and nourish it..

No, people could not bear seeing that killed again.

So the anger rose up like a crescendo, and the sadness of the loss of God in the eyes of those children, and in the eyes of any innocent who has been swept up in this madness of fear, affects everyone who can barely remember when they, too, had their concept of their own innocence murdered...

My father used to tell me, whenever we were out somewhere, and encountered anyone who was mentally challenged , and he would smile and whisper to me 'Those are angels.'

I learned, early on, that those among us who walk with an innocent trust of spirit, who laugh at everything, or count on us for our love to them, are the angels and the eyes of God as Unconditional Love . My dad was right, (he still is as I write this, I can feel him smiling), and I realize that the little girl who resides in my own spirit as an innocent is also the eyes of that Love.

I wear a cloak of armor, often, to protect her, but really, I need not.

Perhaps the unfolding is the removal of that cloak. Time to murder the defense system I so neatly put up as a fortress around her.

In the meantime, I know those children, and every non human animal that is abused, killed, hurt or maimed, is  still going to be in the Light, and in the 'end' will be joined into a place of the Love that Joey is in, and I must stay in that perception or go mad.

But, of course, I have to start with me, this me that is still confused and has not a clue as to what Unconditional Love feels like.

Trust that it will unfold.

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